“BIT is known to me when I was a 28 year old boy and Pandit Nehru visited this place and FCI. He rightly remarked that this is a temple of modern India".……on this 52nd anniversary day of this institute, I wish you all the success of your career.”

I have visited Jharkhand a number of times. First is resources, in Jharkhand state you have mineral resources, biodiversity and bio-environment. Second is manpower, skilled or unskilled manpower is available in this state. What is missing is our connectivity. To make our nation great, three qualities are needed. “Nobility in leadership, indomitable spirit and universal mind.” These will be utilized to convert dreams to thoughts and finally lead these thoughts to action.

What India needs is young leaders with a vision. New organizations of excellence are coming up and they can only succeed if they have an inspiring leadership even during times of failure, leadership even during time of misery. Thus, only visionary leadership will be able to transform India into a developed India. I end with a hope that these young minds, these minds with a mission will lead India to achieve greater height and it is their leadership which can really make India a greater nation. I wish you all the successes in your future.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Ex. President of India.

The Institute feels pride in possessing a mammoth infrastructure. BIT Sindri has a very large and adequate infrastructure which fully satisfies the needs of the students and the faculty in the campus which had been well acknowledged by the NBA team. The NBA team was here(19th to 21st JAN 2007) for accrediting the undergraduate programs currently offered by the Institute and to say the least, the NBA team was most impressed with the quality education being offered to the meritorious students here. The college is having campus wide networking wired up through 10 Mbps leased line of BSNL. A world class language lab has been set up in the college to enhance the communication skill and personality of the students. The enriched lab of college is further enriched by installation of the most recent and highly advanced software like MATLAB, SURPAC, PLAXIS, FlAC-3D, ORACLE & IBM BLADE SERVERS.

At the core of all BITians is the drive for excellence. The faculty insists on academic rigor and encourages questioning and debate. While preparing students for the rigor of the competitive corporate world, BIT never loses sight of the need to continually reinforce values such as fair play, integrity and respect for dissent. Relationships forged during these four years with classmates, faculty and alumni become lifelong bonds of commitment and involvement. The cooperative, team oriented culture teaches the lessons of working successfully with others to achieve objectives; a powerful and necessary skill in today's complex, fast-paced environment.

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