Model Club is an attempt to manifest the technical mindset, personality development and success stories of this premier technical institution of Jharkhand. This club is the only technical club established by the BIT administration in the early sixties for conducting technical activities for the young technocrats of BIT Sindri. After its establishment, in early seventies the club has always been on an ascent to scaling new heights every year by organizing various technical events. Since then, Model Club is an organization that is inherently associated with diffusion of science and technology in would-be technocrats. Concentrated solely in the BIT Sindri campus, the organization strives to sync the college with latest technological trends by organising tech-events, workshops, seminars and guest lectures by eminent personalities.

Model Club’s success year after year is backed up by a sizeable portion of students, professors, commercial giants and intellectuals alike. Model Club is a hub of about 60 committed students (about 15 students belonging to every year) who have been extracted out of the best minds of the state and country making it the best work force available possible. Model Club members are trained to excel at professional capacities through methods, which are prerequisites for personality development, in the weekly general meetings.

Presently, Model Club members engage in the execution of the technical revolution in the campus. Round the year Model Club organizes Workshops, Seminars, Guest-Lectures, Invited Talks and alike events including a mega Tech-Fest named SANDHAAN.

Events incorporated in SANDHAAN:

DEAD OR ALIVE: A mechanical robot racing competition in which the participants have to make an all-terrain robot which can run on a track with varying hurdles on different levels.

KURUKSHETRA: It is the most brutal combat of robotics where two mechanical bots fight for the ultimate glory.

AUTONOMOUS ROBOTICS: It is one of the most technically advanced events which requires a participant to build an autonomous robot which can successfully pass the challenge given to it viz. path following, obstacle evasion, etc.

MODEX: It is a technical model exhibition which reiterates our motto “Exude the Light of Innovation”. This is the only event exclusively chalked out to court participation beyond the walls of technical institutions and to kindle the minds of neighboring school youths, so as to scoop out the essence of innovation from every nook and crannies of the region. The event showcases the acumen of the participants to implement their imagination to real-world models.

T2B: It is a platform for the young and budding entrepreneurs to present their B-Plan before the most renowned geniuses of business world and to earn a chance to get their idea mounted as a well-recognized firm.

The CEO: A unique opportunity for the young and creative minds to be The CEO of a company and come up with a worthy name, logo and tagline for a given product and present their marketing strategy before the stalwarts of business world.

SCIENTICA: It is a mind buzzing carnival witnessing the battle of the best minds in an on-stage enthralling game of technical quiz. The event solicits participation from leading technical institutes. The various rounds in the event are framed in the wake of scientific advancement, its history, and future prospects.

DA VINCI CODE: Coding challenge to program in the programming language of your choice. This challenge explores in depth the knowledge of participants in the field of computing science. Participants will be given a set of problems related to any engineering discipline and you have to solve as many problems as possible within the specified time limit.

EXPOSITIO (Technical Paper Presentation): The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for your wits to go sharper. Expositio is an attempt to understand the mysteries of science and simplifying its equations.

MR./MISS ENGINEER: It is the most coveted and an exuberant contest exclusively for final year students of the host institute. It is an on-stage personality cum knowledge testing contest which deftly weighs the grey matter of the participants. With a superb set of questions set by our esteemed professors and management gurus presenting impeccable solutions, it’s a real clash of the Titans.

MATLAB: A mind boggling competition on circuit simulation on softwares like MULTISIM and MATLAB.

AUTOCAD and CATIA: It covers the various aspects of engineering drawing on softwares like AUTOCAD AND CATIA.

POSEIDON’S TURF: An aqua robot making competition. The participants will have to design a robot suitable for water navigation and capable of carrying cubes and constructing shapes/words.

CAROM BOT: An inter college challenge to create mechanical robots which are capable of playing carom on a customised carom board.

WORKSHOPS: Model Club organizes workshops to enhance the technical know-how of students on the latest disciplines in the field of technology. In the past, we have successfully organized workshops on AUTONOMOUS ROBOTICS, BOT-MOBILE, ETHICAL HACKING, SWARM ROBOTICS, ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT etc.

GUEST LECTURES: Eminent authors, scientists and researchers are being invited as the guest speaker to address the students. The most recent ones being “Major Vandana Sharma”, a Kargil War veteran and a TEDx speaker, “Dr. Muchkund Dubey”, former Foreign Secretary, Govt. of India and Chairman of Asian Development Research Institute and “Prof Gautam Sinha”, Founding director of IIM Kashipur.

MEGASHOW: It evolves the unique technical aspects which cherish the mind and the soul. We have successfully organized mega shows like SHADOW DANCE, THE LASER LIGHT SHOW, SAND ANIMATION, 3D-MAPPING and TRON ACT which received great appreciation from a huge audience.

BIKE ASSEMBLING: It’s the first and the most unique event of its kind in the of the campus, where students are supposed to assemble a bike with given parts/rectify the configurationally error in the assembly to start it. It witnesses a major participation and appreciation from all over.

PATRON - Prof. (Dr.) D.K.Singh



CHAIRMAN - Abhijeet Kumar (3rd year, Electronics & Communication Engg.)

VICE CHAIRPERSON – Anjali (3rd year, Production Engg.), Rohit Roy (3rd year, Civil Engg.)

GENERAL SECRETARY - Nikhil Kumar (3rd year, Mechanical Engg.)

JOINT SECRETARY - Riya Raj (3rd year, Electrical Engg.), Aditya Deo (3rd year, Chemical Engg.)

TREASURER - Nikhil Kumar Singh (3rd year, Civil Engg.)

JOINT TREASURER - Nishant Priyadarshi (3rd year, Mining Engg.)

TECHNICAL HEAD - Sonali Priya (3rd year, Information Technology), Sushant Kumar Sinha (3rd year, Metallurgical Engg.)

P.R.O. – Aditi Baranwal (3rd year, Civil Engg.), Akshat Anuj (3rd year, Production Engg.)

JOINT P.R.O. & ALUMNI INCHARGE - Riya Singh (3rd year, Chemical Engg.), Aditya Prakash (3rd year, Electronics & Communication Engg.)

CREATIVE HEAD - Komal Kumari Singh (3rd year, Electronics & Communication Engg.), Raj Sinha (3rd year, Information Technology)

EVENT & MARKETING MANAGER – Aniket Kumar Singh (3rd year, Electrical Engg.), Sandeep Prasad (3rd year, Mechanical Engg.)

WORKSHOP IN-CHARGE - Tridev Singh Choudhary (2nd year, Chemical Engg.)

JUNIOR ALUMNI IN-CHARGE - Jhuma Gorai (2nd year, Chemical Engg.)

TAMER - Manpreet Singh (2nd year, Information Technology) DEBUGGER - Rajashree Mukherjee (2nd year, Chemical Engg.)

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Rakshit Kumar (4th year, Civil Engg.) Preeti Upadhyay (4th year, Chemical Engg.) Shubham Raj (4th year, Electrical Engg.) Sankalp (4th year, Chemical Engg.) Saurabh Shubham Kumar (4th year, Mechanical Engg.)

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