The Gandhi Rachnatmak Samiti, is a socio-cultural cum technical club, which was established in the year 1969.It is one of the oldest and eminent clubs of B. I. T. Sindri . Since its establishment, it has been serving to save our cultural heritage, spread knowledge, maintain peace, communal harmony and non-violence. The G. R. S. Library being an integral part of the club provides innumerable books on literature, political science, history, civics, geography, sociology. Furthermore, it consists of numerous novels of renowned authors. Reading books does not only inculcate good communication skills but goes deeper into the mind to bring out a different individual.

The G. R. S. Club is backed by a stupendous group of students, professors and rational minds. It is a team of 60 dedicated members, around 15 belonging to each year, serving the society. The club ensures to equip the members with managerial, organizational and technical skills. It organizes various events throughout the year:








GAMING: This is a skill testing event for the game maniacs who can hold their nerves and outclass their competitors. This section includes NFS MOST WANTED and COUNTER STRIKE.

NAVNIRMAN: A manual land and aqua robot making competition .The participant will have to make a all terrain vehicle which can run on tracks with varying hurdles.

HARD TALK (SEEDHI BAAT): Some famous personalities have reached the zenith and command respect in the eyes of millions. However nobody knows how sincere are their efforts and how true are their successes. Even after the entire world has become so cunning and shrewd, there are people who have kept their ideals intact. The participants have to justify their achievements with their honest and candid views.

IBQC(YATHARTH):Intelligence is not information alone but also judgment. It is an arena where different branches come together for the greatest quizzing showdown of BIT. IBQC gives a chance to the students to prove their mettle, showcase their mental acumen and thus, has attracted the quizzing elite of the college.

TASVEER: There are grave issues concerning our nation that need to be addressed at the earliest. The need of the hour is to create awareness among us and join hands to counter the hurdles that block the nation’s growth. Tasveer is a movie-making competition based on social and environmental issues.

DUS KA DUM: As the history moves, money becomes even more valuable. Money remains to be the most convenient path to name, fame and glory .However, gathering money requires intelligence, knowledge, wit and desire to win. This is a quiz based on BIT.

LOOK OF THE YEAR: The best way to show your panache among the students of BIT Sindri to start developing different shapes & design on your countenance.

AVSAR: AVSAR provides an opportunity to the students to showcase their talent. A perfect entertainment package.


Professor-in-charge :- Prof V. Pandey


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