Department of Mechanical Engineering

Address for Correspondence:
Prof. S.C. Roy
Department of Mechanical Engg
BIT Sindri, P.O.: Sindri Institute, Sindri
Dist: Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India PIN: 828123
Phone: +91-9835352391
Email: mithileshkr[at]
Fax: +91-326-2350729

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was started in the year 1949 when the institute was born. The department offers four years B.Tech degree course with an annual intake of 105 students. Two years postgraduate program is also offered leading to M.Tech degree with specialization in Heat Power Engineering, Machine Design and Production Technology. The annual intake in the postgraduate program is 10.

The department has well equipped laboratories required for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The important laboratories include: Strength of Materials, Applied Mechanics, Heat Engine, Hydraulics, Aerodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Solar Energy, Tribology, Industrial Engineering Lab etc. The department has a huge workshop consisting of various units like Carpentry, Smithy, Foundry, Machine Shop etc.


- Babcock-Wilcox Boiler


- Cochran boiler

- CNC Lathe Machine

- Experimental HSD Oil Fired Steam Boiler

- Subsonic Wind Tunnel

- Eight workshops viz. carpentry, foundry, smithy, fitting, milling, machine shop, welding section, sheet metal shop.

Lab Facilities

- Aerodynamics Lab

- Applied Mechanics Lab

- Automobile Lab

- Heat Engines Lab

- Heat and Mass Transfer Lab

- Hydraulics Lab

- Solar Energy Lab

- Material Testing Lab

- Vibration Lab

- Industrial Engineering Lab


List of Faculty Members
Mechanical Engineering
Sl. No. Name of Faculty Member Designation Phone No. Email ID (Replace [at] by @)
01. Prof. (Dr.) S.C. Roy Professor +91-9835352391



02. Prof. Mithilesh Kumar Head & Associate Professor +91-9431646742



03. Prof. Manoj Kumar Singh Assistant Professor +91-9431506944  
04. Prof. Dhiraj Jha Assistant Professor +91-9431397368 djha[at]
05. Dr. Jitendra Nath Mahto Assistant Professor +91-9430154294 jnmahto[at]
06. Prof. Mahendra Kumar Bhagat Assistant Professor +91-9934103164 mkbhagat[at]
07. Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Kumar Assistant Professor +91-9430374658 manojkr[at]
08. Prof. Narendra Pratap Assistant Professor +91-9905554123 npratap[at]
09. Prof. Naresh Prasad Choudhry Assistant Professor +91-9308499474



10. Prof. Pankaj Kumar Assistant Professor +91-9334774797 pkumar[at]
11. Dr. Rajan Kumar Assistant Professor +91-9431576131 rkumar[at]
12. Dr. Rajan Kumar Nayak Assistant Professor +91-9939709574 rknayak[at]
13. Prof. Ravi Shankar Prasad Assistant Professor +91-9430310398



14. Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar Singh Assistant Professor +91-7070654808



15. Prof. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor +91-9939347061



16. Prof. Sunil Kumar Chaudhry Assistant Professor +91-9939579728 skchaudhary[at]
17. Prof. (Dr) Ujjwal Kumar Nayak Assistant Professor +91-9835723160 uknayak[at]


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